Jelly Cat


In our house all of our kids have loved stuffed animals or “stuffies” as they call them. However, none of our kids have loved them quite as much as our little Chloe. She sleeps with them, names them, plays with them, makes them houses and takes them everywhere with her and  although she is getting older they are still her toy of choice. When Chloe was 3 years old Ryan brought her home her first Jelly Cat stuffed animal; a small, purple, bashful bunny who she named, ‘bunny wunny’, quickly became her favorite of all other stuffies (and she has tons of stuffies)…it is the most cuddly, softest bunny. Bunny Wunny was also our dog, Summer’s, favorite; it has been washed many times and is still in pretty good shape after 3 years of love. One of my best memories of our sweet dog, Summer, who has since passed away is:  A few years back Chloe was crying because she couldn’t find ‘bunny wunny’. Summer, knowing right where it was, dashed to the family room to get it and take it to her. It was truly the sweetest thing ever.

Chloe has since added quite a few Jelly Cats to her stuffy family and they are always the fav. Because Jelly Cat is a family favorite we are so glad to be able to sell them in our store, Fernweh. We want Fernweh to be filled with things we love and know to be the best quality. Jelly Cat stuffed animals are definitely top quality and will not disappoint a young stuffed animal lover.

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