As a punk kid in the 80’s, I clearly remember driving around in my uncle’s Toyota pickup truck thinking that I (and he) were the coolest people ever. He would be blaring one of his “Journey” albums as we cruised around with the windows rolled down. I remember how he always wore the coolest clothes (usually with the Snowbird logo plastered on them) listened to the greatest music and dated the best girls. He also had the coolest pair of sunglasses. They were a pair of “Vuarnet Glaciers” with the leather flaps on the sides and a leather rope from one arm to the other so that they could hang around his neck.

Today I still wear clothing with the Snowbird logo, I still consider Journey to be one the the greatest bands ever and I still love Toyota Pick-ups. I also still love the Vuarnet Glacier Glasses. I was so excited when we opened our store and were able to add such an iconic brand to our showroom. These glasses are not cheap, but they are worth every cent. My favorite color is the Glacier Grey. They are without a doubt the best glasses that I have ever worn. Durable frames, soft grey tint on the glass and lightweight.

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