Soap & Paper


My 11 year old son, Calvin, was born extremely premature. While he spent 3 months in the NICU, the nurses there taught me how to thoroughly wash my hands. During that time in the hospital I became quite the germ-a-phoebe, I was really nervous that my baby was going to get sick. I knew how to thoroughly wash my hands and I did it probably 15 times a day, my hands started to become so red, sore and cracked that they hurt. Although 11 years have passed, I have kept up the practice of hand washing, I don’t wash them quite as often but I do have 4 kids and many germs to beware of. Luckily about 2 years ago I found the best product ever, ‘Soap and Paper Factory’ makes a hand cream that isn’t greasy and softens my dry, sore hands better than anything I have ever tried and my hands don’t hurt anymore. Ryan, my husband, uses it every day also. It really is the best hand cream ever.  I was so happy to be able to sell this amazing product at Fernweh. My favorite scent is the Lavender. Give it a try.

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